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DATA CENTER. Can they consume less energy?

Data Centers are at the heart of the IoT-based economy and its relative huge amount of data generated. Can we make them consume less energy? Can we secure them and constantly monitor them?

It may even seem obvious to say that what we are witnessing today is one of the greatest transformations of the economy since the Industrial Revolution. When we talk about the Internet of Things or 4.0 industry, we are actually talking about a colossal transfer of value from the material production of goods to the "immaterial" management of data. This passage towards a true information economy is an epochal node that generates new technological chains, new economic opportunities but also new challenges and problems.


We may be at the gates of digital transformation, but we are still very much linked to the concrete problems that the material part of this economy continuously generates. Let's think about the Data Centers. They are rightly one of the symbols of this transformation. Their constant growth in number and size (the data must also be put somewhere!) certainly poses two fundamental problems: the management and monitoring of their security and their energy consumption. According to an American study, data centers consume 3% of the planet's energy supplies (and produce 2% of total greenhouse gas emissions). And then there is the problem of their security, which is not just about protecting them from theft or the like, but from accidents, fires, flooding and so on.


So what should the energy managers and EGE of companies with data centres do?

The first road certainly passes through the monitoring of consumption of the company. Legislative Decree 102 and UNI 50001 already require energy-intensive companies to be equipped with consumption monitoring tools, which can also be extended to data centers and their rack modules. To the monitoring of consumption can be added tools for the verification of humidity, smoke, water, attendance. In short, you can build a path of efficiency and safety starting from the necessary compliance with legal obligations.


Safety and energy saving. Here's how to do it.

Kerberos' wireless monitoring and control solutions for Data Centres and telephone exchanges allow you to keep energy and environmental parameters under constant control thanks not only to 100% made in Italy products and maximum reliability, but also to the monitoring platform capable, among other things, of activating alarms, warnings and actions.  

The new monitoring systems of the KET-RKM and KET-RKS series are designed to keep all the basic parameters of the rack under control: the monitoring of internal temperatures and equipment consumption. The inputs dedicated to smoke, flood and intrusion sensors guarantee safety. Thanks to X-Monitor technology, each rack can be monitored by a slave unit connected to a single master unit via radio and/or RS485.

Advantages of x-Monitor Technology for Data Centers

-Programmable temperature thresholds

-Door opening alarm

-Detection of the presence of smoke, heat and water

-Detection of power failure on lines A and B

-High consumption thresholds on single line or total consumption

-Minimum consumption thresholds for detecting equipment malfunctions


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