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With Kerberos rental you can save energy even without an investment budget.

Companies are increasingly cautious about investments because they do not want to steal liquidity. Even when the investment brings immediate benefits, as in the case of measures to reduce energy consumption. Even condominiums then, if they can, increasingly prefer solutions with the least possible impact on condominium fees.


From today, products and solutions of X-Monitor and MaggiorDOMO® are available in new ways. Kerberos Operative Rental turns the investment in monitoring systems into a sustainable monthly fee, making the effect of energy savings on costs more evident. This way everyone can have the technology they need without resource anticipation anxieties.


Many think that this solution has drawbacks and hidden costs. Let's try to make things clear.

The fee covers all costs, which are completely deductible: (remote management, on-site maintenance, extended warranty, All Risks insurance, data traffic, analysis platform). The duration of the service is at the discretion of the customer, who can decide whether to amortize in 24 or 60 months.


What happens when the rental period has ended?

You can buy the plant with an amount already agreed (5% of the new value), or continue to use the services with an even lower fee. Alternatively the system can be replaced, updated technologically and a new rental started. If, on the other hand, there are no longer any reasons for using the chosen technology, the system will simply be returned without additional costs.


Would you like information on how to get Kerberos products with a small fee? Email us at sales@kerberos.energy 

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