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A new way to think the working conditions

Kerberos' solutions for healthy, safe and comfortable workplaces protect people and increase their productivity. And they are deductible!

One thing is certain: the terrible months marked by the COVID emergency have (among other things) made clear the need for a rethinking of shared work and relationship spaces, be they offices, production plants, RSA, GDO.


It is not just a matter of getting used to smart working, but of equipping these spaces with tools capable of guaranteeing the safety of those who work there and those who have to relate with the company. The so-called phase two has imposed the endowment of physical instruments for hygiene and health control, with the possibility of recovering the expenses incurred for tax purposes.

Many, driven also by necessity, have limited themselves to the minimum necessary and have equipped themselves with temperature meters and sanitizing gels. In doing so, however, they gave up a great opportunity: that of transforming work environments into healthy, comfortable, efficient, worker-friendly places, recovering the expenses incurred thanks to tax incentives.

Today, in fact, we can have an approach capable of keeping the healthiness of the air under control, monitoring the concentration of CO2, Volatile Organic Compounds, PM, Pollutants and therefore intervening if the environments are saturated with these compounds. With the same wireless sensors we can also measure the value of humidity, temperature and light, thus intervening directly on the working conditions of employees. Studies on circadian rhythm and Human Centric Lighting have shown that the workers' performance increases with correct lighting and with the right level of air cleanliness and temperature regulation. Thanks to our KET-TVC-100 thermal imaging camera we can also not only measure the health condition of those entering and if they comply with the rules, but through facial recognition manage employees entering and leaving efficiently and faster.


Kerberos' Smart Health division was created to give a concrete form to these scenarios, starting from almost twenty years of experience in the field of industrial IoT and consumption monitoring. Wireless technologies make it possible to intervene in a short time without any invasive and costly action on the building's structures. Kerberos' approach does the rest: in other words, the ability to feel like a partner capable of proposing a tailor-made, customised project and then not leaving the customer alone once the solutions have been installed. Moreover, the strength of our Smart Health proposal lies in its modularity. You will have plenty of time to use these tools as the basis for a subsequent consumption monitoring system, optimizing investments and multiplying benefits.


If tax deductions are not enough or you don't want to use them, Kerberos is able, thanks to partnerships, to finance these interventions, also integrating them into broader consumption monitoring projects.


To find out more about Kerberos' solutions for Smart Health, simply click here.


If you would like to receive free advice for your company or to find out more about these topics, you can also write to sales@kerberos.energy.


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