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How does the monitoring of consumption change in the Covid-19 era?

The Covid-19 emergency poses great challenges to the entire technology sector to provide adequate responses to the major changes it has generated.


The first of these is probably related to workplace and community safety. Also because, to date, doubts have not yet been dispelled about, for example, the impact that air conditioning and temperature control systems have on the spread of the virus in enclosed spaces.


According to the guidelines of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), in order to manage the risk of contagion in enclosed spaces, it is necessary to ensure adequate controlled ventilation of the rooms, excluding air recirculation, increasing the number of changes and constantly monitoring the level of CO2, which is a key index for measuring the level of space gathering.


One thing is certain: sanitation, air recirculation and increased use of air conditioning (also to ensure air recirculation, perhaps by keeping windows open) produce a clear increase in energy consumption costs if they are not planned carefully and according to actual needs.


Hence the need to rethink interventions for the management of energy consumption. And to do this it is mandatory to turn to qualified companies with proven experience in the sector.

For over 15 years Kerberos has been working on this very issue: finding solutions and technologies for monitoring consumption, integrating them with the measurement of environmental parameters. Only by integrating these two formerly independent sectors will it be possible to overcome the challenges generated by the Covd-19. Above all, we must avoid relying on extemporaneous or short-term solutions. It is more useful to build a project capable of holding together cost reduction and safety in working conditions.


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