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Schools are safety with Kerberos

Kerberos' solutions for a safe school. Also in Naples.

In this particularly unsettled historical period characterized by great fear for an invisible but tremendous enemy such as the Covid-19 virus, technology can play a fundamental role for a health protection based on rational and measurable criteria. Whoever believes in technology, in fact, is necessarily a person who looks to the future with optimism.

And those who love technology today are perplexed when they see how the management of the healthiness of public spaces today is only done on a "manual" and physical basis. Kerberos has the right curriculum to deal with the healthiness of the air because for over 15 years it has measured every element detectable in the spaces of relationship.


Precisely for this reason she was particularly proud to participate in a project for the safety of an important school plexus in Naples Scampia.


Kerberos' intervention, commissioned by an important service company in Lombardy, focused both on the measurement of the air healthiness of the classrooms of the Neapolitan institute, thanks to its sensor for the measurement of CO2, VOC and THL, and on the verification of the entrances through its thermal cameras located in key access points. In this way, children will have a precise measurement of their inlet temperature and the correct way to use the mask. In class they will then have an instrument capable of verifying air quality thanks to CO2 (which verifies air saturation) and VOCs, which have a "behavior" similar to that of viruses. In this way, teachers will open the windows for air exchange when it is useful, without exposing children to cold and excessive currents. Sanitizers with photocatalysis for sanitization in presence complete the active safety equipment.


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