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Zegna Baruffa Lane has chosen Kerberos as its energy efficiency partner.

Yarn manufacturing is one of the oldest forms of enterprise that have been given. It is therefore not surprising that Zegna Baruffa Lane, in Borgosesia, Italy's leading manufacturer of textiles, was already in business at the time of the Expedition of the Thousand, an adventure that it financed without hesitation with promissory notes. The company's historical headquarters, still in operation today, is a veritable museum of labour and contains objects and tools that would make any enthusiast of the history of industry happy. Suffice it to say that even today the running water of the River Sesia, which flows through the vast production area, is used for production purposes.


However, apart from the postcard images, the Borgosesia plant has state-of-the-art production lines capable of producing large quantities of quality yarns, which therefore require complete control of the colouring, twisting and production flow processes. Needless to say, the dyeing process requires great attention to environmental parameters, as well as requiring, throughout the yarn production cycle, control of the processing temperature, which must be constant at all stages. Naturally, large production lines also have significant energy consumption, which requires optimisation to give real value to the eco-sustainability of production processes. To be green, in fact, it is essential to limit the consumption of energy and water resources.


This is the starting point for the collaboration between Zegna Baruffa and Kerberos. The real value of Kerberos lies in its ability to accompany the customer in the construction of his energy efficiency project at every stage, quickly translating requirements into concrete solutions. In the case of Zegna Baruffa, the know-how of our technicians was useful to identify the fundamental core of machinery to be monitored by our PLCs, also intervening to integrate any technologies already in the field. A series of 30 environmental sensors will then measure not only the healthiness of the air, but also the maintenance of a constant temperature in environments where the processes expressly require this condition. In addition, Kerberos will also provide the monitoring platform and the wireless network infrastructure, with gateways and repeaters and the provision of an additional, parallel network to the company's own network.


The project is the first core of a series of interventions for the redevelopment of the industrial complex. Two companies that have set the quality of Made in Italy as a distinctive element of their proposal on the market.


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