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A new solution designed for schools

Much more than a dashboard: a true wireless system for a safe school.

We all agree that school safety in times of pandemic is not guaranteed with windows that are always open in January and rolling desks (for those who have been lucky enough to see them for real), solutions that at best make scarves and gloves sellers happy. Once again, it is technology that offers answers to such serious challenges as providing students with a safe and healthy environment. The first step is certainly to monitor the air quality of enclosed spaces, such as classrooms or common areas (gyms, corridors, laboratories, etc.). Kerberos' KET-AIR series sensors reliably and accurately monitor the main pollutants (CO2, VOC, PM), which behave in the air in a similar way to viruses and bacteria.


The thermal imaging cameras then verify at the entrance that the children are wearing the correct mask and have a regular body temperature. But measurement alone is not enough. That's why Kerberos has developed a monitoring platform specifically for schools, which is able to intelligently and quickly manage the data collected in the field.


It is therefore possible not only to keep an eye on the data of each class, but also to set alerts for threshold exceedings (for example, an excess of CO2 indicates over-limit assemblies and it is therefore sufficient to open the window when the set value is exceeded, not always!) and corrective actions (or even simply to alert the staff). KPIs can then be used to set virtuous behaviour and analysis. The dashboard can also trigger sanitisers when pollutants such as VOCs exceed the threshold limit.

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