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The new decree on White Certificates

The incentive mechanism for energy efficiency projects is finally unlocked.

Incentives for energy efficiency projects are unblocked. New targets for the next four years, downward auctions and revision of the list of projects.


The three points on which the decree (31 May) on Tee is moving are: stability mechanism, new objectives for the next four years, downward auctions and revision of the list of projects. This unlocks the public incentive mechanism for energy efficiency projects, which has been in crisis after having been for a long time an important stimulus to achieve savings in the final use of energy.


The main change is the reduction of the obligations for 2020: the text sets a value of 1.27 million Tee for electricity and 1.57 million for gas, compared to 3.17 million and 3.92 million provided by the 2017 decree, and further lowers the objectives in 2021 to 0.45 million for electricity and 0.55 million for gas, and then gradually increases them in subsequent years.

In this way, the reduction in the four years from 2017 to 2020 is 74%, taking into account the cumulative efficiency target to be achieved with White Certificates compared to the one set at the beginning.


According to the associations, the decree does not take into account the new Green Deal objectives and remains tied to the outdated National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan, which sets a reduction target of 15% below the new 55% threshold set by Europe.


The decree also revises the list of projects for the recognition of White Certificates. For industry, the revised list includes refrigeration plants, paper machines, pumping systems, also accompanied by the installation or replacement of the relevant inverters, the construction and deep redevelopment of buildings, thermal insulation of opaque dispersing surfaces of buildings, measures to reduce water consumption by reducing energy consumption in their pumping systems, including recycling, electric welding machines for rolling systems, replacement of turbomachinery by electrically powered machines, electrolysis plant, forming machines, recovery of process currents in technical gas plants.


There are also innovations on behavioural measures: adoption of modal shift initiatives in transport, adoption of initiatives to reduce mobility requirements, reduction of the speed of means of transport for the same service rendered, change of materials entering the production process for the same finished or semi-finished product.


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Source: Infobuild Energia



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