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With Kerberos Smart Point you can have everything under control without buying anything

Kerberos Smart Point is the innovative Kerberos formula that meets the needs of all companies that believe in monitoring consumption as a service and not as a simple supply of material.

The principle is simple: a cost is established for each point monitored. The cost can include all aspects of the monitoring project (including maintenance) and translates into a convenient monthly fee which in fact is an outsourcing of a strategic element but which is often difficult to follow with due attention.


What we propose

- Choose the service, not the product. A monthly fee with a unit cost per digital point.

- An open solution. Kerberos solutions integrate any technology already present in the field and monitoring platform.

- A dynamic solution. You only install what you really need. You can add the modules you want later.

- A reliable solution. You only pay if the service works, according to the agreed reimbursement terms.

- A turnkey solution. Kerberos takes care of everything: from the site survey to installation and assistance throughout the country.

- A customisable solution. We adapt and adjust solutions to the customer's actual needs.


The service is dedicated both to the industrial context and to the context of large-scale retail trade and Big Retail.


To find out more about the Kerberos Smart Point service write to sales@kerberos.energy


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