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The App

Your MaggiorDOMO® at APP's fingertips 

APPs dedicated to users and professionals

MaggiorDOMO® has an App dedicated to professionals and one for users. The App for professionals, installers and administrators makes it possible to remotely supervise the plants and displays the status of the plants in real time, allows the sending of messages to users and temperature forcing commands as well as tools to give remote assistance to users. The app designed for users allows the plant to be managed remotely via smartphone, displaying temperatures and consumption counters at all times.

Check the comfort of your home wherever you are


Wherever you are, with MaggiorDOMO® the temperature control of your apartment is always under control.

You can set the desired temperature for one or more apartments or read the meters to check consumption in real time and improve comfort directly from your smartphone.

  • Set the desired temperature
  • Selects the operating mode
  • Displays the status of all zones
  • Check actuators
  • Does not require Wi-Fi or internet at home
  • Use the condominium network
  • Can manage multiple users

For remote supervision of plants


MaggiorDOMO® TECNO is the APP designed for the remote supervision of plants able to offer in real time to the technical staff all the diagnostic and status information such as external and delivery temperatures, anomaly analysis or heat requests and to interact with individual users for a fast and efficient remote assistance.

  • real-time status of the plants
  • abnormal analysis
  • heat demand
  • calendar of central
  • external temperature and humidity
  • circuit flow temperatures
  • state of the pumps in the control unit
  • sending messages to users
  • sending of forcing commands
  • remote assistance to users
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