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How it works

Intelligent control of consumption, simplicity of use.

much more than just a simple distributor


A normal distributor only makes an indirect and approximate estimate of consumption. MaggiorDOMO®, on the other hand, measures consumption per single room and per single dwelling unit, maximising performance and optimising consumption.

what it does

MaggiorDOMO® optimises heat control in apartments. Thanks to a set of modules, which can be assembled according to different needs, it is possible to measure the consumption and temperatures for each room and to control the temperatures according to individual needs. MaggiorDOMO® is therefore an active and intelligent system, not only collecting data but also analyzing and using it to ensure better performance and cost management.


for those


MaggiorDOMO® is the ideal solution for buildings with centralized systems, specifically designed to simultaneously meet the needs of maintenance technicians, condominium administrators and private individuals. The simplicity and intuitiveness of the interface allow installation in a few simple steps, and immediate use by the end user.

How do I install it?

MaggiorDOMO® has been designed to ensure ease of use and installation, as well as to avoid imperfections in the home. It consists of the typical chronothermostat, the device that allows you to set the heat regulation, individual thermostats installed as required in each room (living room, bathrooms, bedrooms ...), a probe located in each room and an actuator to be installed on the radiators. At the condominium level, on the other hand, it consists of a repeater located in the stairwell, which receives data from the individual chronothermostats, a probe that detects temperature and humidity outside the building and a concentrator that supervises the network of the condominium and interfaces with the heating plant.

you want to be an installer or agent?

Kerberos offers training courses for maintenance technicians and dealers to ensure the highest quality in your daily work.

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