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Technology for comfort

Individuals benefits

Autonomous management of heating bodies in a centralized system to always have the desired temperature in every room of the house, reducing energy costs.

The tenant finally has total control over his own consumption and consequently over his own running costs, without having to resort to the unsightly solution of repairers to be positioned on each heating body. No building and electrical work, MaggiorDomo® can be assembled quickly and according to the needs of the tenants. Finally, the freedom to decide autonomously how and which rooms to heat and to time the switching on and off of the heatings. All this is entirely based on wi-fi technology that can also be controlled outside the home from your smartphone, PC or tablet.

Building administrators benefits

Adaptation to Decree 102/14 and allocation of consumption by individual user

MaggiorDomo®, with its heat monitoring system, fully complies with the requirements of Decree 102/14, which imposes the obligation on all condominiums with central heating to install on the radiators a device for regulation and metering of heat. A further advantage of MaggiorDomo® is its ability to provide an accurate overview of consumption for each apartment and to limit consumption for users who are not in compliance with payments. Moreover, MaggiorDomo® has a scalable structure, and therefore adaptable to all condominiums, from the smallest to the largest, and does not require any work of masonry or on the electrical system of the houses and the building.

Installer Benefits

Training and technical support during installation for a winning partnership

Kerberos designed the MaggiorDomo® system thanks to a continuous exchange with the many technicians and maintainers with whom it has worked over the years, who have offered their contribution. Thanks to their experience, the best devices have been created, which are easy to assemble, resistant, small in size and with low energy consumption. A product suitable for any heating body and completely made in Italy, a guarantee of quality, reliability and durability for you and your customers, whose installation does not require construction or electrical works inside the apartments. Kerberos also accompanies the technician in all phases of the process, offering thorough training, supporting him with every need during installation and helping him to guarantee the best performance of his products over time.

MaggiorDomo® meets the requirements of Decree Law 102/14, accounts according to the UNI 9019:2013 standard and calculates costs according to the UNI 10200 standard
MaggiorDomo® easily adapts to small and large condominiums
Each Chronothermostat controls up to 8 different zones, with weekly programming
No building or electrical work is required inside the apartments
On the chronothermostat it is possible to display the consumption counters
Temperature display and time programming change via smartphone, tablet and PC
The smallest and most energy-efficient electronic actuator on the market
No same time constraints for everyone. With MaggiorDomo® everyone heats up when and how much they need, without waste, without obligations.
System components use traditional AA batteries
Can be used on radiators, fan coils, convectors, unit heaters, floor systems and radiant panels
Each function is clearly described in the menus, there are no hidden keys and no need for a manual!
You can send short personalized messages that are displayed on the Chronothermostat
With a simple touch, the MaggiorDomo® Chronothermostat informs you about outdoor temperature and humidity!
MaggiorDomo® allows you to limit the consumption of users who are not in compliance with payments
Thermostats and controls on the electronic actuators allow you to decide the temperature in each room
Possibility to define the limits of the control temperatures and to set the on/off advances
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