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Reliability and accuracy of the products installed and the data collected are essential for effective monitoring and effective reduction of energy consumption of companies. Especially when it comes to companies that manage environmental, water and energy services for the community. The Amag - Amag spa group, a multi-utility company based in Alessandria, has relied on Kerberos technology.


Energy efficiency is not only an economically useful choice, but also an obligation for large and energy-intensive companies (Legislative Decree 102/14). In particular, monitoring consumption is also a fundamental requirement for complying with the standard and for accessing the benefits of over-amortisation (confirmed also for 2019, albeit with important changes).  Finally, it can be an essential element for successfully participating in the awarding of calls for tenders for the modernisation of the company's structure.


This was the case for Gruppo AMAG - AMAG SPA, a multi-utility company that deals with the integrated water cycle and is involved in the distribution of natural gas, in a territory between Alessandrino, Acquese, Valle Bormida and Langa Astigiana. The monitoring of consumption has been included in the project to adhere to a regional call with European funds, aimed at supporting the installation of high energy efficiency systems, integrate renewable sources and improve the efficiency of production processes. The value of the funding obtained exceeded 500,000 euros.




The Piedmontese multiutility has commissioned 3i S.r.l., an important industrial design studio in Alessandria, to draw up the project. Kerberos was the partner chosen to monitor consumption.


The efficiency measures concerned the following areas


  • Lighting refurbishment;
  • Modification of high-efficiency pumps for wells;
  • Thermodynamic solar to reduce energy consumption;
  • Installation of a photovoltaic system for the production of electrical energy for self-consumption;
  • Renovation of offices with reduced environmental impact with integration of materials and phase change (PCM) for storage of thermal / cooling energy.





Kerberos' intervention focused on providing the necessary tools for monitoring energy consumption (power meter, gateway, monitoring platform, dashboard, data), installation assistance, pre-wiring and panel preconfiguration, and checking the accuracy and reliability of the data recorded. A systemic intervention, not just from a supplier.


Kerberos works in partnership and has supported 3i in identifying the power meters and other tools needed to acquire the order. KET-PMT-216, power meter and MID EN 50470 certified three-phase 6 A four-wire counter were chosen. For the gateway we opted for the KET-GZE-210.R, with data storage on SD, 230V AC power supply with 90° antenna included. And of course, the X-Platform Easy platform KET-XPE-012 to have all data collected under control at all times.


The material was then supplied, part inside a pre-wired panel, part "loose", because the company's trusted installer decided to install some equipment where, inside other panels, there was space available to use.


The installation took place in two stages. The commissioning company carried out an initial intervention, supported by Kerberos' management, in the area of the building where the data transmission panel was installed, to check the measurements coming from the various power meters as they were connected. After verifying the reliability of the system, the second phase of completion of the system was carried out. Kerberos followed and guided the installer in the field, screening and validating the measurements. Every time a power meter was installed, the data it generated was checked, the data that arrived at the gateway, and finally the data that arrived at the database. All this to confirm that the data was always the same and always accurate. Not only a simple verification of the correct installation of the products, but also the verification that the data arrived correctly up to the database.


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