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Kerberos in Milan's hearth with Nexid

In these years, Milan has not only consolidated its role as the economic leader of the country, but has also established itself as a major center of innovation, capable of anticipating the main trends in behavior in the IOT and smart city.


For this very reason, in Milan, in Via Fabio Filzi 27, in the administrative heart of the city, the collaboration between Kerberos and Nexid has given rise to a true eco-sustainable and efficient office, a pilot project where Kerberos' wireless IoT technologies and Nexid solutions build a comfortable ecosystem, thanks to smart lighting management, efficient, thanks to consumption monitoring and smart thermoregulation, and healthy, thanks to the monitoring of environmental parameters.

All the monitored parameters then converge in the monitoring platform, which has the task of transforming the measures taken into data for analysis and implementation. All this without any invasive work on the structures, because Kerberos technologies are wireless with mesh network. It's not just a question of lower costs: the installation took only one working day, without any business interruption.


The aim of the installation was not only to reduce the cost of using an office, but to build an experiential space where to demonstrate the state of the art in the field of eco-sustainable management of spaces for relationships. Today's solutions and technologies make it possible to overcome the traditional distinctions of environments, and put the well-being of the individual at the center of a sustainable ecosystem. This is why the Nexid headquarters in via Fabio Filzi is in effect a technological showroom, a cluster, where it will be possible to concretely verify how the energy saving guidelines are applied today and take inspiration for subsequent interventions.


Here are the main lines of action:

Load monitoring: General; Lights; Server; CDZ; CDZ NEW.

Monitoring and control of:

  • Meeting rooms: room sensor (humidity, light and temperature) and CO2 sensor; for control a wireless relay to control the lights;
  • Office C.E.O.: a room sensor (humidity, light and temperature);
  • Server: to monitor a room sensor (humidity, light and temperature); to control a wireless relay to control the CDZ;
  • New office with CDZ: to monitor a room sensor (humidity, light and temperature); to control a wireless relay to control the CDZ;
  • Input: a room sensor (humidity, light and temperature);


Of course, an external wireless environmental sensor was also provided.


Do you want to visit the IoT Experience Office of Nexid and Kerberos? Write to sales@kerberos.energy

Do you want to know more about the installed technologies of Kerberos? Write to sales@kerberos.energy



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