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Air Quality

Integrated wireless IoT solutions to control all environmental parameters and safely manage access in workplaces, private and public indoor spaces and to intervene in real time on the healthiness of the environment.

Secure access control Detects body temperature Checking the use of the mask Audio Warnings Air Quality Indirect CO2 sensors For the healthiness of the workplace

The pandemic crises of recent years have made air quality monitoring a central issue. Once confined to the most sensitive areas of production sites, environmental sensors now make it possible not only to make people feel safe in social spaces, but also to build advanced comfort, capable of combining efficiency in the workplace, well-being and safety.

Protecting and securing private (office, retail, large-scale retail trade, sport) and public (schools, nursing homes, hospitals, public buildings) relational spaces is a delicate job that leaves no room for improvisation. Kerberos has been ready to respond to the most complex requests with tailor-made solutions for over two years.


Kerberos' technologies and integrated solutions for environmental health and access security in community locations have in fact boasted numerous success stories and are able to provide an immediate response to new security provisions. Our smart solutions, designed and manufactured in Italy, allow to measure with absolute precision the air quality (CO2, VOC, THL) and integrate with the instruments for the verification of safe access in workplaces or commercial places (thermal cameras, access counters), allowing also to design and manage corrective actions (air change, light comfort, door opening, etc.).


More than fifteen years of experience in industrial IoT allow Kerberos to offer an integrated vision with consumption monitoring and thermoregulation, in order to combine safety, healthiness, energy saving and implementation through tailor-made projects.



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