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Wireless ambient sensor of indirect CO2 and volatile organic compounds

People spend 90% of their time indoors, where the presence of gaseous pollutants, - volatile organic compounds (VOC), - is significantly higher than in open spaces. In these high density environments, such as offices, schools, hospitals and in general in public places, especially in modern buildings, the exchange of air is scarce and favors the increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by people.

All this affects people's well-being by promoting health problems, a decrease in concentration and production capacity.

The KET-AIR-200 works according to the indirect method of measuring CO2, equipped with a sensor in MOX technology, measures the quantity of hydrogen and from that estimates the quantity of CO2. In addition, combined with the sensor that measures the percentage of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), allowing you to take the necessary measures to increase and improve the efficiency of ventilation and air purification.

The KET-AIR-200 is also complete with high precision Temperature, Relative Humidity and Light sensors.

Thanks to the high sensitivity of the amplified radio module, it reaches distances over 600 m in open air, it connects to the other products of the X-Monitor network.

KET-AIR-200 is equipped with an internal memory (.DL version) that allows you to store over 60,000 information in case of malfunction of the wireless network, automatically re-transmitting data as soon as possible.

The .DY version with display offers users a lot of information on the degree of thermal comfort present in the environment. The innovative zero-consumption e-ink display guarantees excellent readability and allows continuous display of the parameters.

The .TS version allows the user to set the desired degree of comfort.

KET-AIR-200 is equipped with an internal memory (.DL version) that allows you to store more than 60,000 pieces of information in case of wireless network malfunction, transmitting the data automatically as soon as possible.

Designed to easily integrate into supervision and energy management systems (BMS / BEMS) it provides a simple user interface that can be managed remotely. Designed for professional use, it supports firmware updating remotely or locally during service. Suitable for use in public environments supports keyboard lock and limitation of active functions.

Protection Range IP40
Operative Temperature -10 ÷ +60 °C
Storage Temperature -15 ÷ +60 °C
Relative Humidity MAX 80% not condensing
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 22.5 mm (W x H x D)
Mounting Panel mounting with supplied supports
Material ABS, self extinguishing: UL 94 V-O
Supply Voltage 12 VDC or via USB
Connectors types Removable spring clamps
Memory Type Internal Flash (only for .DL version)
Data Storage Capacity Retention of more than 60,000 data with date and hour even if there is no connection
Channels 1 for dry contact with detection time at contact variation of about 50ms. (optional)
Supported Protocols X-Monitor Protocol (X-MP) / IEEE 802.15.4
Radio Frequency 2.4 GHz ISM Band
Output Power +3 ÷ +20 dBm
Sensitivity -101 dBm
Antenna Type 1 internal
Max Distance (Free Air) Over 600 m
Radio Signal Indicator Integrated (LinkQuality)
Output Power Adjustment From local keyboard and remotely
Firmware Upgrade Over The Air and via USB C connector
User menu Thermostat function with temperature summer / winter mode, comfort / saving / off mode, air speed setting, (only .TS version)
Support for public environment Anti-removal support, keyboard lock and active function limitation
Sensor Type Digital
Measure Range -40 ÷ +123.8 °C
Precision ±0.4 ÷ 25 °C
Repeatability ±0.1 °C
Resolution ±0.01 °C
Measure Range 0 ÷ 100%RH
Precision ±3%RH from 20 to 80%RH
Repeatability ±0.1%RH
Resolution ±0.03%RH
Hysteresis ±1%RH
Long Period Stability <0.5%RH/year
Number of sensors 2, on front and on top
Measure Range 10 ÷ 1000 Lux
Response Curve Similar to that of the human eye
Measure Range 0 ÷ 60000 ppb
Accuracy ±15% ppb
Resolution ±0.2% ppb
Principle of Operation Indirect
Measure Range 400 ÷ 60000 ppm
Accuracy ±10% ppm
Resolution ±0.2% ppm
Display Type zero consumption e-ink (only .DY and .TS versions)
Resolution 122 x 250 pixel
Contrast Ratio High contrast, high reflectance
Viewing Angle 160°
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